12th chemistry guide

12th chemistry guide free download in pdf
language :- English
Chapter :    Size :    Page :    Downloading link :
1. The solid state     533Kb    34    Download Now

2. Solutions     610Kb    49    Download Now

3. Electrochemistry    407Kb    25    Download Now

4. Chemical kinetics    553Kb    37    Download Now

5. Surface chemistry    228Kb    18    Download Now

6. General principles and processes of isolation of elements    351Kb    20    Download Now

7. The p-block elements    359Kb    27    Download Now

8. The d and f-block elements    263Kb    30    Download Now

9. Coordination compounds    640Kb    37    Download Now

10. Vector algebra        46    Download Now
11. Alcohols phenols and ethers    794Kb    37    Download Now

12. Aldehydes ketones and carboxylic acids    926Kb    41    Download Now

13. Amines    764Kb    35    Download Now

14. Biomolecules    304Kb    17    Download Now

15. Polymers    226Kb    13    Download Now

16. Chemistry in everyday life    190Kb    13    Download Now

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